Solar Power
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Utility PV System Solar Photovoltaic Power Plants
Utility PV System Solar Photovoltaic Power Plants
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Utility PV System Solar Photovoltaic Power Plants

The applications of solar PV power systems can be divided into four main categories: off-grid domestic; off-grid non-domestic; grid-connected distributed; and grid-connected centralised. 

The main components of a Pv power plant are Pv modules, mounting (or tracking) systems, inverters, transformers andthe grid connection. Solar Pv modules are made up of Pv cells, which are most commonly manufactured from silicon but other materials are available. Cells can be based on either wafers (manufactured by cutting wafers from a solid ingot block of material) or“thin film” deposition of material over low cost substrates. In general, silicon-based crystalline wafers provide high efficiency solar cells but are relatively costly to manufacture, whereas thin film cells provide a cheaper alternative but are less efficient. Since different types of Pv modules have different characteristics (in terms of efficiency, cost, performance in low irradiation levels, degradation rate), no single type is preferable for all projects. In general, good quality Pv modules are expected to have a useful life of 25 to 30 years, although their performance will steadily degrade over this period.

Ground Solar Mounting System

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Roof Solar Mounting System

Roof Mounting PV System 1.jpg

Floating Solar Mounting System

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Carport Solar Mounting System

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