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Copper Nickel Alloy Tube Pipe
Copper Nickel Alloy Tube Pipe
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Copper Nickel Alloy Pipe/Tube:
1) GB/T 1527/ GB/T 8890/ASTM B111/JIS H3300/BS EN12451 /EN12449 / DIN86019/ ASTM B466 standards and so on.
2)Material designation: BFe10-1-1 / C70600 / C7060X / CuNi10Fe1Mn / CuNi9010 / Cu90Ni10 and BFe30-1-1 / C71500 / CuNi30Mn1Fe / CuNi7030 / Cu70Ni30/ C67800/ C44300 / T2 C11000 and other customized alloy.

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Large (Super-large) Diameter Cooper-nickel Alloy Tubes and Copper Tubes:
Mainly used as sea pipe network andconnection pipe in ships, maritime engineering and petrochemical industry. Make sue of 5,500 tons copper extruder to produce pipes which more than 450kg, so we can make the ship tubes up to Φ419mm. 

Copper, copper content of more than 99%, copper products with excellent ductility, easy to shape a variety of shapes. Copper in the refrigeration, plumbing, electromechanical and other industries have a wide range of applications. Copper cooling tube, with a very good thermal conductivity, and easy processing molding, welding simple, long life and other advantages; copper plumbing pipe, drinking water has a very good bactericidal effect, the service life can be up to a hundred years, and can be almost 100 % Recovery and reuse; copper inside the pure copper has a very excellent conductivity, in the power, electric furnace, nuclear power and other fields have a wide range of applications.

Main metal brands are copper-nickel-iron alloy BFe30-1-1, BFe10-1-1, C70600, C71500, mainly used as heat exchanger and condenser in the fields of naval construction, maritime engineering, thermal and nuclear power, sea water desalination,ship building, offshore Industries, Evaporators,  Oil Refining, Ferrules etc.

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