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Ring Joint Gasket  ASME B16.20, API 6A, NORSOR Standard L-005
Ring Joint Gasket ASME B16.20, API 6A, NORSOR Standard L-005
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Ring Joint Gasket  ASME B16.20, API 6A, NORSOR Standard L-005

Ring Joint Gaskets are for oilfield and process industry duties.

Oval Ring Joint Gasket, Oval shape gasket is belong to API 6A R series

Oval Ring Joint Gasket, these gaskets are used in pressures up to 10,000 PSI.

The oval type is the only gasket that will fit a bottom radiused groove.

Gaskets and not re-used after torque.

Qishine supply the range of Ring Joint Gaskets, Soft Iron Ring Joint, SS304 Ring Joint Gaskets, SS316L Ring Joint, F5 Ring Joint, 347 Ring Joint etc. Special materials of the Inconel, Monel, Hastelloy, Titanium, Duplex are produced by your demand. Oval, Octagonal, BX, RX, IX, Hx, Ax, LENS Ring Joint Gaskets.  When you purchase the non-standard Ring Joints, Kindly provide your drawings.

The ring type joint was initially developed for high pressure and temperature applications found in the petroleum industry and is primarily used in the oil field on drilling and completion equipments. However, today this product range can also be found on valves and pipework assemblies, along with some high integrity pressure vessel joints.

Metal ring gasket first comes from the United States, in the 1920 s, the first to use in boiler, then used for manhole cover, autoclave other Windows sealed, later in the oil production and refining industry particularly valued.With the increase of temperature and pressure of the steam power plant, metal ring gasket have been used more and more widely. Ring joint gasket is suitable for high temperature and pressure environment pipe flange, pump, valve joint. Standard ring type joints are manufactured to meet both API 6A and ASME B16.20 sizes and ratings.

R & RX Series

R OvalR OctagonalRX

Materials Stainless Steel 304-200°Cto460°C Stainless Steel 316-200°Cto420°C Low Carbon Steel-100°Cto500°C Soft Iron-100°Cto500°C

*Stainless Steel 316 and 304 can exceed continuous operating temperatures (Up to 760C), however this will result in inter-granular corrosion. Please consult a Hi-Tech Gasket representative.

R series

R Series ring type joint gaskets are available in oval and octagonal designs. The oval design can be used in older round bottom gland designs, while both can be used in a flat bottom design. R Series are available up to 5,000 PSI.


RX Series

RX series are replaceable with R series octagonal gaskets designed for API 6B flanges. RX out perform R series in situations that have higher pressures with more intense vibrations. RX gaskets are available up to 5,000 PSI.


Flange ring joint gasket, Style BX


Ring Joint Gasket, Style IX

IX Seal Rings are designed and used where NORSOK CFC (Compact Flange Connections) are in use. The rings come in three different kinds of steel and are coated with PTFE in varying colors in order to distinguish between them

The designed or materials shall be selected, so that main sealing ares can not be subject to corrosion.


How IX Ring Seal Works?

IX Seal Ring axial forces are exerted on the taper of the metal seal ring and translated into a radial sealing force.

Furthermore with increased pre-load, the bevel is closed and face to face contact is achieved at the outer wedge while most of the bolt pre-load is transferred as compressive forces between the flange faces at the heel.

There are two independent seals. The first seal is created by application of seal seating stress at the flange heel. The flange also remains in contact along it`s outer circumference at the flange faces for all allowable load levels. The main seal is the IX Seal Ring. The seal ring force is provided by the elastic stored energy in the stressed seal ring. Any hell leakage will give intemal pressure acting on the seal ring inside intensifying the sealing action.

The design aims at preventing exposure to oxygen and other corrosive agents. Thus, this prevents corrosion of the flange faces, the stressed length of the bolts and the seal ring.

Application of ring joint gaskets

Usually used in high temperature and high pressure steam, gas, solvent tube flange, tank, pressure vessel, the joint surface, high temperature and high pressure valve, the cover.Oil and gas industry in wellhead sealing and oil extraction tree. 

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