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Flange Insulation Kits
Flange Insulation Kits
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Flange Insolation Kits are manufactured according to ANSI 16.5 specifications up to 24", Above 24", please provide the specifications of your flange using our convenient worksheet. Technical assistance on Flange Insulation Kits is available upon request.


Flange Insulation Kits isolation gasket kits are designed to prevent leakage while protecting your system from corrosion caused by electricity. Several different styles are available to meet your specific requirements. 

Qishine Gaskets are sold individually as well as part of isolation kits Flange Insulation Kits. 

Send us your isolation kit Flange Insulation Kits requirements. 

Material Temperature G10 Upto150 ℃ Viton Fluorocarbon-59℃ to204 ℃  Nitrile-51 ℃ to116 ℃ PTFE-73 ℃ to450 ℃ 


We provide a service, manufacturing to our customers requirements. We make the gasket that you need, to meet your specifications in the most economical way. We can manufacture from sample, technical drawing, or electronic file. Our production machinery can manufacture straight from your own technical drawing file.

Our advantages:

1. Professional manufacturer.

2. Trial orders are acceptable.

3. Flexible and convenient logistic service.

4. Competitive price.

5. 100% testing,ensuring the mechanical properties.

6. Professional testing.

Our customer service:

1. We are happy to answer any questions that you might have about this product. Please contact us for more information.

2. Answer the after-sales service within 24 hours.

3. Even a slight problem could affect the overall situation, so efficiency is our most important factor.

4. Give responses within 24 hours in and 72 hours out of Fujian province.